Work With Us

Work with Us

Minimalist Journeys offers tips and tools to help those interested in pursuing a more values-based, minimalist path in life.

As minimalists, our possessions are limited to those that give us true value. What we own and use every day has been carefully researched and is undergoing long-term testing. Likewise, as experiences are more important to us than material items, we are very tuned in to what does (and does not) comprise a good service experience.

We enjoy telling others about service experiences that exceeded our expectations or products that stand the test of our life on the road. After all, why keep something great to ourselves? Vice versa, when products or services fall short, we know where and what can be improved upon.

So, how can we work together?

Affiliate Marketing

We are open to exploring affiliate marketing opportunities that are aligned with Minimalist Journey’s philosophy of experiencing more by living with less.

In the first instance, these are products and services we already use – from the manufacturers of our gear and the apps we use to service providers such as online booking agencies for accommodation and transport.

We only work with organisations that offer products and services we have used and are happy to recommend to our growing readership. If we haven’t used your product or service, please get in touch with us. While we are always scanning the market for products and services that better meet our needs, we may not be aware of your offering.

Affiliate Program Management

Minimalist Journeys helps small business merchants through our proactive affiliate program management system and networks.

Affiliates, like ourselves, are independent online marketers who, for a commission, promote products or services sold by merchants.

Small businesses do not always have the resources or experience to effectively grow affiliate programs, which is where outsourced program managers like ourselves come in. We can manage the relationships between the affiliates, the merchant, and the network.

Product and Service related Consulting

With a combined professional experience of more than 20 years in product management and management consulting, it may not come as a surprise that we research before we buy and critically assess products and services we come across.

We are interested in working with organisations and individuals that offer products and services that are aligned with Minimalist Journey’s philosophy of experiencing more by living with less and who continuously seek to improve their offering.


As long-term users of high-quality, technical clothing; light-weight, multi-functional gear, and a multitude of apps, we provide constructive feedback on the pros and cons of your product (especially in comparison with competitor products) and provide ideas for product improvements.


As full-time travellers, we change location on average every four and half days. We have stayed in hundreds of accommodations over the years and believe that we can comment on accommodation with a degree of authority. Beyond TripAdvisor or AirBnB reviews, we offer independent, honest, professional appraisals of accommodation to help hosts provide an even better experience to their guests. Check out our article on how to create a delightful experience with AirBnB.

What’s next?

If you would like to explore any of the above opportunities we would love to hear from you, contact us today.

Last updated – Friday 22 September 2017