Curacao Currency

How much does it cost to explore Curaçao?

Have you ever wondered whether you could afford visiting the Caribbean? Below is our financial spend for our journey around Curaçao in March 2017. Check out our blog post on what we did during the ten days we were there.

Country: CuraçaoUSD per person per day
Government Costs$00%
Total USD per person per day$61.92

The statistics and associated table above were compiled using the MoneyWiz application we use to track our spending.

The Travel category included transfer from the airport and car hire for five days. Not considered was the entry or exit transport into / out of the country.

Travel budget web sites calculated the costs as shown in below table. We are unsure whether their data includes entry / exit cost. However, it is good to compare our actual versus their data.

NameWebsiteDaily Amount Per Person - USDComments
Budget Yourçao$116.00Travel Style: Budget (cheap)$80.12Daily budget - tourist

Other web sites such as Numbeo and Price Of Travel do not show consolidated daily averages but break it down by the various items (eg bread, milk, etc).

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