2012 Trip Awards

Drum roll…the awards for our 2012 three month trip. The categories are totally random as we felt appropriate. Each winner was determined mutually. The winners don’t receive a physical reward as you may imagine, but we may write a comment on TripAdvisor and the like.

Amazon River

More on the Amazon…

I imagined the Amazon to be a vast and mighty body of water… I imagined it to be several kilometres wide… but I imagined it to be so wide in Brazil just as it hits the Atlantic Ocean not close to its source in Peru. Find out what I thought.

Fishing in the Amazon

The Amazon – wet, wild and tasty

After the excitement, bright lights and Carnaval atmosphere of Rio, our next stop was the tropic rain forest of the Amazon. After quite exhaustive research of tour / jungle safari companies in both Peru and Brazil, we had settled on a five day, four-night adventure with Otorongo Expeditions ( who had an office in Iquitos and a Lodge near the village of Oran on the Amazon River in Peru. They had a mention in the latest Lonely Planet book and the blogs including Trip Advisor had all been positive. It is the wet season at the moment, so the Amazon Basin is flooded and during our stay, it rained every morning.