2012 Trip Awards

Drum roll…the awards for our 2012 three month trip. The categories are totally random as we felt appropriate. Each winner was determined mutually. The winners don’t receive a physical reward as you may imagine, but we may write a comment on TripAdvisor and the like.

2012 Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival

One of the highlights of our trip was always going to be attendance at the Rio Carnival – in fact, our start date and the initial itinerary was based around it – we even missed out on attending or performing at the Sydney Latin Festival to be in Rio during Carnival week.

Rio de Janeiro

Marvellous city… of contrasts

How to start a post about Rio? Let’s try some adjectives: beautiful, stunning, huge, hot, chaotic, crowded, loud, peaceful, friendly, smelly, dirty, scary, dilapidated. If some of these contradict each other… well, these are the words that come to mind when thinking about Rio and our experience over the last week… now, as we are sitting at the airport, waiting for boarding.