About Us

We are Paul (from New Zealand) and Sandra (from Germany), a young-at-heart 40+ couple who is travelling the world with carry-on backpacks after selling all our possessions and quitting our professional careers in Sydney, Australia, our home for 9+ years.

We met in June 2010, being paired up in a Zouk performance. Latin Dance not only brought us together and enabled us to meet many wonderful people who are now our friends, it also led to our first three month trip together – back in 2012, which laid the foundation for our journey today.

Paul and Sandra
Iquazu Falls
About Us

Paul is a goal setter and goal achiever. He is a supportive husband, a marathon runner and a role-model for his (now adult) children. A product manager and a bit of a geek, he has a quirky sense of humor. Paul runs a lot. In fact, when visiting a new place he loves checking out new neighbourhoods on his morning runs. He is an early riser and can’t go without his coffee in the morning.

Sandra is a thinker, a researcher and a problem solver. Curious about the world and tolerant towards others, she has lived in five countries on three continents. Conversations with positive people energise and inspire her. She would love to make the world a better place and part of her journey is to figure out how. She likes yoga, meditation, cycling, swimming and skiing.

Our approach to life is strongly anchored in our values. We strive for balance in life – physically, socially, mentally, spiritually, professionally and financially. Experiences, friendships and close family are more important to us than things.

Obviously, above is just a snippet of who we are. You can find out more about us by reading our posts. It would be great to learn a bit more about you too, so please let us know what brought you to our website, what is your journey, and what have you learned.

Cheers, Paul and Sandra